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You know... this competition "my star and me" last week? Thanks to all people who "liked" my picture, but sadly I didn't really win...

There was no rule that you can't participate another time, so I thought "whatever, let's try" and again they took my picture... okay, they kinda "cutted" it because there were 5 people on the picture - 2 other "lawyers" - but they left the picture with me, a german tv-judge named Barbara Salesch and the attorney Bernd Römer...

The picture is like 8 years old, but I still like it a lot...

It's the 1st picture in the "row of pictures"... and again: EVERY LIKE COUNTS!!!!!!!!

So if you have Facebook, would you PLEASE vote for me? I'm 2nd again but there are only 7 likes between me and the help me? *puppy eyes*

My picture is the 1st one, with the 2 jurists - and like I said: it would help a lot!
I don't even wanna win the mobile phone for myself but for my dad who has a VERY old one which is already at least 5 years old or something around that and doesn't even have a camera!

it would also help, to "spread" the links - maybe on your facebook site - so that other people can like the picture, too! It's just 1 click to like the picture!

Thanks in advance!


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