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I’m sorry it took me a while to finish Chapter two, but real life was keeping me REALLY busy… You have NO idea how happy your feedback makes me, and I’m so glad you all like my story SO much… I didn’t expect SO many comments – so thank you! You all inspire me so much! I hope, you keep telling me whether you like the story or not! And if I should still go on writing ;-)

Thanks to [ profile] steinsgrrl for helping me with Chapter 2 on such a short notice and for making it possible to finally post my 2nd chapter ;-)

Title: "You can't fight Love"
Chapter Title: This might end our friendship...
Chapter: 2/?
Writer: [info]bm_shipper
Pairing: Mark Sloan/Jackson Avery - but not yet
Rating: PG-13 for now, definitely higher later
Word count: 1,925 - this chapter
Language: English
Summary: Set directely after the "elevator scene" between Jackson and Mark in 8x16 so you should have seen it to make a sense out of it. Jackson thought Mark knew him, but obviously he didn't and he misunderstood his behaviour completely...
Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy or their characters and make no money from this story. I'll write it just for fun and because Mark and Jackson inspire me so much, but that never happened in the show and most likely WILL never happen unfortunately ;-)

Chapter 2: This might end our friendship…

Mark lay in his bed and tried to get some sleep, but had no such luck. He had to get back to hospital to perform a long surgery and all he could think of right now was the look on Jackson’s face right before he had tried to slam the door in his face. Jackson had been mad, furious even, which was almost understandable considering how much Mark had tried to interfere with his life, but that wasn’t all Mark had seen in his eyes. There had been pain. Pain and disappointment and Mark didn’t quite understand why his friend would be hurt by his actions.

Mark had wanted to help him and he had never meant to almost destroy their friendship, but at the moment, it looked like Jackson wouldn’t forgive him that easily. If Mark had just known Jackson was still in love with Lexie, he wouldn’t have tried to hook him up with some random chick. Why hadn’t he noticed anything? Was he really that blind? That unobservant?

A lot of things made sense now. For example, their dinner on Valentine’s Day when Lexie had shown up at Mark’s doorstep. The whole evening had just been awkward from the moment Mark had invited Lexie in and there had been some tension in the air the whole time. Jackson had most likely been jealous and Mark hadn’t even noticed. He was such an idiot. How could he have let Jackson down like that? Jackson had needed him as a friend and he had been too blind to see.

Mark sat up, sighing. He had to make it up to Jackson. He had to do something to prove him how important he was to Mark. They were a good team and Jackson showed him day after day that he could be a good teacher, and that he had fun in teaching someone. Before Jackson, he hadn’t even considered taking a resident under his wing, but Jackson had totally changed his point of view, and Mark didn’t want things to end between them.

He fell back onto the mattress and closed his eyes. Everything would be fine and maybe tomorrow Jackson would have already forgiven him. He couldn’t be mad at him forever, right? At least that was the small hope Mark felt within him before he finally dozed off.

When Mark was woken up the next morning by the sound of his alarm clock, he felt disorientated and confused for a moment. He hadn’t gotten much sleep at all, and Jackson had clouded his thoughts the whole night. Mark just couldn’t get their stupid fight out of his mind, and he just wanted to make up with Jackson so they could both move on and get back to being friends again. He hated the way things ended last night and he didn’t want it to stand between them, between their work. He had never had a workmate like Jackson, someone who understood him without words, someone he could talk to about everything and he almost needed him in is life.

He got up from the bed and shuffled to his bathroom. He got rid of his shorts and took a quick shower before he got dressed and grabbed his car key. If he left earlier than usual, he might have a chance to talk to Jackson before the big surgery. He didn’t know if he could concentrate on operating if he didn’t clear the air prior to that, and if Jackson maybe felt like him, he wouldn’t either, and that wasn’t a good position to enter the OR.

He left his apartment and got into his car and less then ten minutes later, he arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West. He got into the elevator and pressed the button with the big ‘10’ on it and when he heard the ringing sound, he got out and immediately started looking for Jackson. His eyes darted around the corridor, but apart from a few nurses, there was no one else in the nearby. Maybe the younger resident was in the locker room to get dressed?

For a moment, Mark hesitated. He didn’t want to bother Jackson, since he would see him soon anyways, but he just couldn’t help himself. Before he even realized it himself, his feet were already moving towards the locker room. With a knock on the door, he entered said locker room, only to find a shirtless Karev standing in front of his locker and obviously digging for a shirt.

When Karev turned around, he looked at Mark, surprised. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have your own locker room?”

Nervously Mark scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, of course, but I’m looking for Avery. Have you seen him?”

A grin appeared on Karev’s lips. “Why would I know? He’s your boyfriend, not mine.”

Mark stared at the younger doctor for a moment before he crossed his arms over his chest. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

Karev’s grin grew wider. “He’s not? But you’re literally glued to each other. It’s like you’re only available together.”

“Because he’s my student. And he’s on my service,” Mark explained.

Karev waved dismissively. “Whatever.” He turned around, grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

Annoyed, Mark rolled his eyes, letting out a deep sigh. “Have you seen him or not?”

Now it was Karev’s turn to roll his eyes. “No, I haven’t. Satisfied now?”

Without an answer Mark turned around and left the room in direction of the resident’s recreation room. He knocked and entered the room without waiting for an answer, and this time it was Kepner he found. When she saw him, she smiled at him sympathetically – almost as if she knew something, but since she was Avery’s best friend, maybe she did.

“Doctor Sloan! Can I help you?” she asked in an almost too sweet tone.

Mark felt as if there was something very wrong there, but he tried to shake those thoughts away and looked at Kepner.

“Have you seen Avery? I have to talk to him and it’s really important,” he replied impatiently, because it already drove him crazy that he hadn’t found Jackson yet.

“Not since an hour ago when we arrived here together. He said he had to deal with something and then he left,” the chief resident answered.

Mark raised an eyebrow. “Deal with something…” he repeated, taking a step towards April. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Kepner looked at him for a second, turning away immediately, and Mark could tell that she knew more than she said.

“Come on, Kepner. What’s wrong?” he demanded to know and went on talking without taking a breath in between. “If it’s because of this stupid thing I asked you, I really wanna apologize to him, so tell me where he is.”

Kepner let out a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry, I can’t. I promised Jackson not to say anything.”

Slowly but surely Mark was losing his patience. “Say anything about what?” he asked aggressively, causing the younger doctor to wince. Mark still could see only her back, but a few seconds later she turned around.

“Promise me you won’t tell him that I told you,” Kepner said.

“Tell me what?” Mark wanted to know.

“Promise me!” Kepner replied even louder than before and Mark was almost surprised about how dominant she became all of a sudden.

“Okay, okay. Calm down. I promise,” he answered, knowing that there wouldn’t be any other chance to find out what was happening. “And if you would now have the decency to tell me where he is so I can find him and talk to him, please!”

Kepner leaned against her desk. “Alright. He’s at Doctor Hunt’s office,” she blurted out.

Mark looked at her surprised. “What would he do there?” Confusion clouded his mind. He couldn’t remember seeing Avery and Hunt talk to each other for longer than one minute ever, and now he was in his office?

“He wanted to talk to him so Doctor Hunt could get him off of your service,” Kepner went on, again having this sympathetic look in her eyes.

Mark’s jaw dropped. “What? That… that can’t be true… I mean… no…” Mark stuttered, feeling pretty weak all of a sudden. It was like someone had punched him in the gut and he needed a moment to process. “Why would he do that?”

“I’m really sorry, Doctor Sloan,” Mark heard April say, feeling her hand on his shoulder, but he shook it off and took a step back.

“Just because of this stupid fight?” He couldn’t believe what was happening and that Jackson would leave him like that. Without any word. Without talking to him first. It disappointed him. Was he so wrong about Jackson, about their friendship? He had assumed he was as important to Jackson as the other way around but obviously he was mistaken.

“I really tried to talk him out of this, you have to believe me. I told him it would only be fair to let you know that he wants to be off of your service himself, but he wouldn’t listen,” April explained, but Mark could barely hear her words. He felt like he was in a haze and literally stumbled out of the recreation room, only to lean against the wall once he was in the hallway.

He took a few deep breathes and ran one of his hands through his blond hair. What had he done? Was that really it? Was his friendship with Avery over because of one silly mistake? Just because he had crossed a line he shouldn’t have crossed?

Mark knew he had to talk to Jackson eventually, but maybe he should give him a day or two. Maybe Jackson would come back by himself because he missed him. Maybe. He knew he would definitely miss him and he couldn’t even imagine performing this surgery in about an hour, but he had no other choice.

Slowly he moved towards the bathroom to throw some cold water into his face.

He could do that surgery, he just had to. Especially since it wasn’t his patient’s fault that he got in a fight with Jackson, it was his own. He couldn’t imagine working without Avery for more than a day though, but maybe he had to figure out a way to do so. Especially if Jackson never talked to him again. That was something he had to expect after everything Kepner had just said, as heartbreaking as it felt.

He grabbed a towel and dried his face before leaving the bathroom to get to the doctor’s locker room to get dressed for his rounds. He had to check on his patient at least once more before the surgery and assure her once more – like he did a hundred times before – that everything would be fine and he would do everything he could to not leave any scars, because he was convinced he could do it. Because he was that good – even without Avery.

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