Mar. 7th, 2012

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So… lots of people asked me – literally begged me – to write something longer for Mark/Jackson and well… here I am trying… The last episode inspired me a lot and there is this idea in my head… and I just hope, I can put it into words… my only "problem" right now is, that I have so much real life stress and so much to do at work (doing a lot of overtime), so bear with me if the parts take a little time… it's not because I don't want to, but because I'm pretty busy… but I love Mark and Jackson SO much that I wanna do this ;-) And I hope, you like the start…

Review, if you want me to go on writing with that, also, if you think the beginning sucked, okay? Because I don't have to go on writing if neither of you likes that ;-) But I hope, you'll enjoy…

The story starts after the "elevator scene" in 8x16, so you should probably have seen them to make a sense of it!

PS: There is actually a song called "Can't fight love" by "The411" and when I heard it, it immediately inspired me to write this story, because it couldn't be more perfect for Mark and Jackson from Jackson's POV ;-) If you have the chance, listen to it, it's even on Youtube =)

Title: "You can't fight Love"
Chapter Title: See I'm the one that loves you
Writer: [ profile] bm_shipper
Pairing: Mark Sloan/Jackson Avery - but not yet
Rating: PG-13 for now, definitely higher later
Word count: 1,555 - this chapter
Language: English
Summary: Set directely after the "elevator scene" between Jackson and Mark in 8x16 so you should have seen it to make a sense out of it. Jackson thought Mark knew him, but obviously he didn't and he misunderstood his behaviour completely...
Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy or their characters and make no money from this story. I'll write it just for fun and because Mark and Jackson inspire me so much, but that never happened in the show and most likely WILL never happen unfortunately ;-)

You can't fight Love - Chapter 1 - See I'm the one that loves you... )


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