Oct. 7th, 2012

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Call me crazy but ever since "someone" planted the idea in my head that our beloved Dr. Whale and Jefferson might have a "past" and know each other, I couldn't stop myself of thinking they would make a hot slash pairing... and then there was this plotbunny in my head immediately... and the story literally wrote itself...

Thanks to my beta-reader for your generous help! Without you, I would most likely never have posted the fic anywhere at all...

English isn't my first language, so writing this story hadn't been easy at all for me... Comments would be nice if you like the story or even want more (not that I think this is going to happen at all XD)

Title: "Boys just wanna have fun"
Writer: [info]bm_shipper
Pairing: Jefferson/Dr. Whale
Rating: NC-17 - shameless smut!
Word count: 1,959
Language: English
Summary: Jefferson & Dr. Whale have a history no one knows about, but it's none of their business anyways, right?
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I don't earn any money from this... I'm just playing around with 2 hot guys =P
Warning: PWP, SMUT, Not much other than 2 guys having fun XD

Boys just wanna have fun - Jefferson/Whale One-Shot )
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the 2nd One-Shot I've written... and I FINALLY got it back from my Beta-Reader, so I was able to post it... so at this point: THANKS to my beta-reader... you know who you are and without you I probably wouldn't have posted the fic at all, because I still think my english isn't good enough to pull off something like that on my own...

Like the story? Comments would be pretty nice in this case... it would mean a lot to me!

Title: "Maybe..."
Writer: [info]bm_shipper
Pairing: Harvey Specter/Mike Ross
Rating: PG-13, I guess
Word count: 2,196
Language: English
Summary: Plays after the End of Episode 2x01 and is slightly AU, because it's not Donna who tells Mike what Harvey did... =)
Warning: Men kissing? Harvey being Harvey? :P

Maybe... - Harvey Specter/Mike Ross One-Shot )


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