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So... this Journal is "Friends-Only" from now on, so please comment if you want to be added, but I won't add EVERYONE who adds me or who asks... To my opinion, we should have at least a few things in common and plus: I should know you from somewhere, another community, whatever :-) And if not so, you can comment although and maybe I'll add you :-) And you should have an active LJ if you want to be added, because I'm very active too and mostly comment the entrys of my friends :-) So, I hope, you're not "scared" now and run away :-) I don't bite, unless you want me to ;-P

Since my whole Livejournal is FRIENDS-ONLY I thought about "giving away" infos about myself, my fandoms and so on, for people who maybe accidentely find my Livejournal and maybe wanna add me! So I just want you to know more about me ;-) If you're just here because you saw my arts, please don't add ME, add my new graphic journal, which you can find here: [ profile] bmshipper_arts - If not and you want to find out more about me, go on reading... :-) By the way: before you go on reading a warning: I'm a TOTALLY slash whore and if you don't like slash, you should run away immediately too :-D

My Fandoms/Favourite Characters/OTPs


Alles was zählt
Favourite Characters: Deniz Öztürk, Roman Wild, Florian Wild, Katja Bergmann
Favourite Actor from AWZ: Dennis Grabosch, Igor Dolgatschew
OTP: Deniz/Roman, Katja/Ben and kind of Roman/Marc (*don't punch me
About my love for AWZ and my OTP: I normally absolutely DON'T like Sopas at all... but when I started watching "Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten" last August, I kinda came across "Alles was zählt" and while GZSZ at the moment just bores me, I started loving AWZ to NO end... and of course Deniz and Roman! So much, that I watched ALL of their episodes over Youtube... which were about 500 or something like that? So yes... not very less episodes  :-) I totally fell for Deniz/Roman and their relationship, but I think, most of the characters are REALLY great =D

Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten
Favourite Characters: Carsten Reimann, Dominik Gundlach
Favourite Actor from GZSZ: Felix Isenbügel
OTP: Lenny/Carsten
About my love for GZSZ and my OTP: I started watching because a dear friend of mine told me last August "watch just one episode and I promise you will never have to watch another one again"... and she knew EXACTLY what she was doing to me! Because well, she's the DEVIL, you know? Because this was one of the episodes where Carsten and Lenny first kissed and got closer to each other and you could already see, that there IS something between them... the storyline hooked me immediately, and especially FELIX TOTALLY got me... more than it's good for me =D Well... I came for "nothing" and I stayed for Felix... I'm not really watching GZSZ at the moment... TV is always on, but not really paying attention, because the "CENNY" storyline is kinda dead, but as long as Felix will be in GZSZ, I will "stay"... which isn't very long anymore ;-)

Verbotene Liebe
Favourite Characters: Christian Mann, Oliver Sabel
Favourite Actor from AWZ: Jo Weil
OTP: Christian/Oliver
About my love for AWZ and my OTP: Another show a friend of mine "forced" me into... she told me once (on the 12th July 2010), that I should take a look... it was the episode when Oliver proposed to Christian... and it totally got me... They totally got me... and now I'm watching VL on a daily base, but I have to admit: I don't give a shit about ANY of the other characters =D

Queer as Folk
Favourite Characters: Michael Novotny, Ethan Gold, Blake Wyzecki
Favourite Actor from QAF: Hal Sparks
OTP: Brian/Michael, but also Ted/Blake
About my love for QAF and my OTP: I "found" Queer as Folk by accident and it was in January 2006 when it started airing on Pro 7... the first episode I saw was Episode 1.02 and at the beginning I though, Justin would never come back after what Brian told him, but we all know, that wasn't the fact... *lol* Although... I TOTALLY ship Brian/Michael so if you have something against it and just be here to annoy me, don't! I won't change my mind about them EVER... their relationship is the most special in the whole show to me and if you can't live with that, I can't help you, but I guess, then you're not right here :P But I really like discussions why B/M or why B/J, if someone doesn't offend me, it's okay :-)

21 Jump Street
Favourite Characters: Tom Hanson, Doug Penhall
Favourite Actor from 21 JS: Johnny Depp
OTP: Doug/Tom
About 21 JS and my love for it: I just found 21 JS a few months ago... I never knew it before, because we didn't have a tv for long and so I just missed it, but I bought all seasons on DVD because this tv-show hooked me right from the start... from the minute I saw it... and I TOTALLY love and adore Doug/Tom... they have such a wonderful and trustful relationship and I would love to see them being more than just friens *lol* And in my opinion, they ARE!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite Character: Captain Jack Sparrow
Favourite Actor in PotC: Johnny Depp
OTP: Jack/Will
About PotC: Yes, I know, I'm totally crazy, but I first saw PotC about 1 1/2 years ago when Part 2 started... I never was interested in a pirate movie, I thought, but then a friend of mine wanted me to go watching part 2 with her and she told me I have to see part 1 before and so we watched... and yes... I loved it... and I really love all 3 parts of it, but the first part is the slashiest, I think :-D And this movie was the reason I totally fell for Johnny Depp... Shame on me but I never was interested this much in him before I saw PotC

Favourite Characters: Owen Harper, Captain Jack Harkness, NOW Ianto Jones too :P
Favourite Actor in TW: John Barrowman
OTP: Gwen/Owen, Jack/Ianto
About TW: Was recommended by a really sweet person here and I started watching when about 6 epidsodes where aired... I TOTALLY fell for this show from the moment I saw it... and I still love it! Since Season 2 started I know again why I love this show so much and why I missed it so much... and Jack looks better than ever... *drools* And this little romance between Jack and Ianto makes me *awwwwww* and *squeeeeeee* a lot :-D

Favourite Characters: Michael Guerrin, Maria DeLuca
Favourite Actors in RW: Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr
OTP: Michael/Maria, Michael/Max
About RW: Gosh, I used to LOVE/ADORE this show about 8 years ago when it started airing here and I didn't miss ONE episode of it (I think)... I SO loved it right from the start, but it's kind of funny, because at first I absolutely didn't want to watch it, I thought about "okay, I can give it a try, but if I don't have the time to watch it, so what", but I know it was weekend and I was at home and watched the first episode and I was hooked right from the start... I bought the 3 Seasons on DVD recently and started watching it again, and I am still in love with this show and all his characters! And I SO love Majandra Delfino, I bought one of her Albums when Roswell first aired here, and I still love her voice... and her prettyness... you could say, I like Majandra even more than Brendan ;-)

Mutant X
Favourite Characters: Shalimar Fox, Brennan Mulwray
Favourite Actors in MX: Victoria Pratt, Victor Webster
OTP: Brennan/Shalimar
About MX: I also found this show recently, because I became a big fan of Victor Webster since I first saw him in "Charmed"... I fell for him right from the start but I didn't know if I would like to see "Mutant X", but a few months ago, someone uploaded Season 1... I downloaded a few episodes and started watching and shortly after I owed all 3 Seasons on DVD and wached it in a few weeks... I don't like the series finale, but I totally adore this show and ALL of the characters are SO fucking loveable... of course they are all "slashable" too, but I don't know... in this case I totally prefere Brennan/Shalimar, even if I also totally love how Brennan and Jesse interact, or all the hidden signs of Shal and Emma... sweet... I could really imagine everyone with evryone, but I prefer B/S :-)

Favourite Characters: Angela, Brennan
Favourite Actor: Emily Deschanel
OTP: Booth/Brennan
About Bones and why I love it so much: Another "Accident" that happened! I waited for the start of "Prison Break" and there was BONES before... it didn't hook me right from the start, but I also didn't "hate" it, it had something and from this time I started watching it weekly... it was somehow at the beginning of Season 2, so I missed a whole Season and didn't know the background story, but I got Season 1 from a sweet friend from here, so I can catch up the missed Season and episode! I SO love it and I'm really spoiled about Season 3, but I don't have problem with it... as soon as Season 2 is finished here I'll watch Season 3 *jumps around* Even if David Boreananz isn't really the type of man I would fall for, I totally adore the "pairing" Booth/Brennan :-) Just so special!

Prison Break
Favourite Characters: Fernando Sucre, LJ Burrows
Favourite Actors from PB: Amaury Nolasco, Marshall Allman
OTP: Michael/Sucre
About PB: I really can't say I totally love this show... because it's just too brutal for my personal taste... I don't like all the blood and the fights and so on... to be honest, there are more things I don't like about this show, than things I like, but there is one thing that hooked me from the start and didn't make me able to stop watching: The relationship between Michael and his former cellmate Fernando Sucre... I totally fell for Sucre right from the start and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they act when they are together and how they are always there when the other needs him... I just can't stop myself from loving them! MiSu FOREVER! :-) Who needs girls when they can have such a best friend? :P

Favourite Characters: Piper Halliwell, Coop, Billie
Favourite Actors: Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Victor Webster, Kaley Cuoco
OTP: Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Kyle
About Charmed: I loved Charmed right from the start and I really watched ALL Seasons which are existing, even if I think it got worse and worse... I don't know... I really didn't like Season 6 and 7, but In Season 8, when Billie and Coop appeared it got better and so I really liked Season 8, but not right from the start, the first 4 or 5 episodes I was really close to dump this show and stop watching, but it got better again...  I owe Season 1-5 by now, but I want the other 3 Seasons too... I mean... I was a Charmed fan for about 8 years and I ALWAYS will be ;-) No matter how bad some seasons may have been!

Kyle XY
Favourite Character: Declan
Favourite Actor: Chris Olivero
OTP: Kyle/Declan, Lori/Marc, Kyle/Jessie
About Kyle XY: It just started here, and as soon as it started, as soon it ended... and I have to admit, I missed about 4 of the 10 episodes :-((( I don't know but I often forgot that Kyle XY was on TV... but now I downloaded Season 1 and Season 2, all episodes aired by now and I'll start watching it again, because somehow it hooked me... I don't like Lori and Amanda, but I totally love Declan and I love that he and Kyle share a secret... isn't THAT slashy? *lol* Yes, they are "just friends", but that's the same with most of my "pairings" :-P So, just a little update here: I saw all episodes aired so far (just one more to come :() and I totally adore Lori/Marc... and also Andie/Josh, but not as much as Lori/Marc and I hope, they will get a happy end... and Kyle/Jessie grew on me SO much either...

Favourite Character: Shawn Specner
OTP: Shawn/Gus
About Psych: Awwwwwwww... that's one of the FUNNIEST shows I've ever seen... You can compare it to Monk, a crime tv-show, but not just a "normal crime show", it's just DIFFERENT... I also love Monk, but PSYCH to my opinion is A LOT better... I don't know... I just love it and I'm always laughing my ass off when it's on tv every tuesday night... *lol* And Shawn and Gus are just SO fucking funny together... I could really imagine them as a pairing, because that would be just crazy and Gus would kill him sooner or later... it's always so funny when Shawn makes Gus mad, and that happens every five seconds *lol* I just love it!!!!

Dantes Cove
Favourite Characters: Kevin, Marco, Van
Favourite Actor: Gregory Michael
OTPs: Grace/Griff, Kai/Marco, Toby/Kevin
About DC: Yes, I know, this tv-show isn't very loved and I don't know much people who really like/watch it, but I just can't help myself, I fell for it right from the start and especially for Gregory Michael who plays Kevin... but I also have to admit, the first "Season" is still the best... and I still can't believe what they did to my favourite characters *sobs* But although... If there will be a 4th season, I will watch it too!

My so called life
Favourite Character: Jordan Catalano
Favourite Actor: Jared Leto
OTP: Jordan/Angela
About Mscl: Another older tv-show I just found... yeah, I'm really lame in discovering tv-shows, because the last months I always found some which aren't really new, some are 20 years old *lol* But MSCL was another show which was recommended by a friend and so I gave it a try... I didn't like the first episode, I have to admit, but shortly after this show TOTALLY hooked me... and I'm pretty sure that's because of Jared Leto... gosh he looks SO fucking gorgeous in this show... so cute and innoncent... :-D

Alarm für Cobra 11
Favourite Character: Semir Gerkan, Chris Ritter, Tom Kranich, Ben Jäger
Favourite Actor: Rene Steinke, Tom Beck
OTP: Semir/Chris, Semir/Ben
About AfC11: I watched it right from the start, it's a german tv-show about railway cops and I loved it from the start, but I didn't ever think I'd slash someone in this show till Tom became the partner of Semir... they had such a great chemistry and when Tom died I thought I would hate the new partner, but I didn't... Chris Ritter, played by Gedeon Burkhard and Semir have a great chemistry too and Chris is kinda weired and mysterious, and that's what made him interesting... and he at first trusts NO ONE, but then he starts trusting Semir *sighs* Sweeeeet ;-) Update here too: Since "Chris" is dead now and Semir has a new partner, I just have to slash them too *lol* Especially since they are SO cute and SO touchy... like he never was before with one of his partners... I mean, Semir... *lol*

Favourite Character: Castiel
Favourite Actor: Misha Collins
OTP: Dean/Castiel
About SPN: I just saw the few episodes aired here in german TV and I NEVER ever thought this show could hook me this much, because you know, I don't like mystery and horror and all this things, but I'm glad I didn't turn the TV off and went on watching... I still have to close my eyes when there are VERY scary or disgusting scenes, but yes, this show has something and I like it... it's interesting ;-) And it has guest-stars I like a lot like Marnette Patterson or Julie Benz :-P Since Castiel is there, I love the show even more, but I have to say: I only know about 3 episodes of Season 4 - the ones aired in German TV - and I'm not spoiled, but I'm aready in Love with Castiel and Dean/Castiel... who is Sam again? =D

Pearl Harbor
Favourite Character: Rafe
Favourite Actor: Ben Affleck
OTP: Rafe/Danny
About PH: One of my alltime favourite movies... I saw it in cinema and I bought the Video when it came out... now i just want to owe the DVD too, but I have problems in finding it here... I will order it online for sure, when I get money again by the end of the month! In this movie it's not that I don't like the girl, Evelyne (Kate Beckinsale), but it's another "Best friend Story" I totally adore and Rafe and Danny are just so... I don't know "Special" when they are together... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them together and the ending is heartbreaking :-( *sobs* Why did Danny have to die? :-((

Favourite Character: Hepahistion
Favourite Actor: Jared Leto, Colin Farrell
OTP: Hephaistion/Alexander
About Alexander: I just saw this movie about a few months ago and well... in my opinion, too much fights, too less love *lol* But yes, that's usual in such movies and I still LOVE the whole storyline, especially the Hephaistion/Alexander storyline... I always say it has something like the "gay romeo and juliet", because it's similiar... they are meant for each other, but not meant to be together and they love each other so much that they would rather die than live without the other and when Hephaistion dies it breaks alexanders heart so much that he wants to die too... It's one of the greatest lovestories I've ever seen in a movie (or better to say gay lovestories) and Jared and Colin did such a great job, even without kissing... there looks at each other, their caresses and everything else they shared... what a pitty they weren'T allowed to act a real love scene... I somewhere read that both would have loved to do it... :-P

Desperate Housewifes
Favourite Character: Andrew Van DeCamp
Favourite Actor: Shawn Pyfrom
OPT: -
About DH: I really like this tv-show and know all episodes aired by now (also Season 4) and Andrew always was my very favourite character, the only gay character on this show for a long time and to my opinion the most interesting character of all... I don't have an OTP in DH, but maybe Andrew gets a cute boyfriend somewhen so that I can change my mind and HAVE a OTP here ;-) As long as it's with Andrew, everything will be fine :-P

Dawsons Creek
Favourite Character: Jack McPhee, Pacey Whitter, Jen
Favourite Actor: Kerr Smith, Michelle Williams
OTP: Jack/Doug
About DC: I watched this show YEARS ago and I always liked nearly the whole clique, but I always wanted Joey to take Pacey, because he was much more interesting than Dawson will ever be (in my opinion), but also I prefered Jack's character and I loved the changes he went through... he was always so "real" and I felt close to him! And I SO loved the relationship between him and Jen (Michelle Williams)... they were best friends and it always was so special!

Favourite Characters: Tom, Ron
Favourite Actors: Kerr Smith, Victor Garber
OTP: -
About Justice: what a pitty it got cancelled after only 12 episodes *sobs* I SO loved this story and to my opinion, Kerr Smith and Victor Garber are just so wonderful actors! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them a lot!!! And I loved this tv-show... and i watched the 12 episodes about 3 times and even if I know what happens, I still love it a lot... *sighs* What a pitty there aren't much people who even know Justice...

Pushing Daisies
Favourite Characters: Ned, Chuck
Favourite Actor: Anna Friel
OTP: Chuck/Ned
About PD: I read about this tv-show in a community here and I watched the preaired pilot and from this moment I could barely wait to see season 1 and I wasn't disappointed... I LOVED it! And I loved this show right from the start... it's just so different from all the other shows I watch, just so... I don't know... special... I SO hope, Chuck and Ned will somewhen find an opportunity to be together, but that can take a lot of time because I think, all the excitement would be away if they find this way too soon :P

Favourite Character: Leo
OTP: Tobi/Leo
About Sommersturm: It took me a lot of time to finally watch this movie (yes, again I'm a VERY lame person *lol*); but I loved it right from the start...  such a cute movie about the first love and finding out about your own sexual orientation... it's a german movie but I can highly recommend it... one of the best gay movies I've ever seen (not that that were a lot :P)

Doctor Who
Favourite Character: Tenth Doctor, Rose
Favourite Actor: David Tennant
OTP: Ten/Rose
About Doctor Who: At first I have to admit, I never really wanted to watch this show, but then it just "Happened" because it started on German TV and well, I wasn't very excited about it at the beginning, but that changed immediatly when I saw the Captain Jack episodes and from this time, I watched every episode and I caught up till Season 4 which i watch at the moment, so yes... I totally love/like it and  I loved Ten and Rose together... even if I also like Martha and Donna ;-)

Noah's Arc
Favourite Character: Wade, Junito
Favourite Actor: Jensen Atwood
OTP: Wade/Noah, Ricky/Junito
About Noah's Arc: I just "found" Noah's Arc accidentely in a community and I thought to give it a try, because I heard a lot of bad things about it *lol* And it's really often, that the tv-shows which are VERY unloved I totally fall in love with... like I also did with Noah's Arc... the first episode was okay for a beginning, but immediatly after seeing Season 2 I SO fell for the whole show and the characters and when Junito appeared I loved it even more... I'm not really in a good mood about how it endet, but I still love it and I hope, there will REALLY follow a movie ;-)

Private Practice
Favourite Character: Pete
Favourite Actor: Tim Daly
OTP: Violet/Pete
About Private Practice: It was never that I totally loved this tv-show untill... yes... until Violet hooked up with Pete, even if at the moment it doesn't look like they would get a happy-end... but I'm still hoping... and I love them SO much together... I just want them to be together... and their "relationship", or whatever you wanna call it at the moment, is the one thing that holds me at "Private Practice"... without it, I might already have stopped watching ;-) But as long as there's hope... *lol*

Burn Notice
Favourite Character: Michael
Favourite Actor: Jeffrey Donovan
OTP: Michael/Fiona
About Burn Notice: I OH SO LOVE this show... SO much... even if I don't talk so much about it... might be, because I don't have many BN Fans on my f-list and I don't wanna annoy anyone... but well... I just love it... and I can't wait for Season 3... I want more.more.more of it :-)

Take That
Favourite Band Member: Mark Owen
OTP: Mark Owen/Robbie Williams
Why? Because a friend of here "infected" me... I can't put it into words, but I saw a LOT of vids and clips about them... they are SO sweet together... or were :-( What a pitty Robbie left TT and didn't came back for the reunion... and what a pitty it seems Mark is making out with Gary now *lol* Wants to have Mark/Robbie together again

Real Person Slash
Favourite RPS Pairing: Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom
Why? Just saw way TOO many pics to just ignore how they were acting together *drools* Two SO fucking pretty men who seemed to be very close during filming PotC and I just ca't get over them :-) I love them and I always will! Yeah, I know, crazy, but it's not that I have ANY problem with Johnny's Family, I adore them to death, it's just... I like to dream and imagine "what if"... :-D

Real Person Slash 2
Pairing: Fady Maalouf/Thomas Godoj
Why? Because if you see the two together you just CAN'T deny that there is SOMETHING... at least something... how they touch each other, how they look at each other... they are just meant to be *lol* Okay, in my eyes they are and they often say in Interviews how comfortable they are with each other... if that doesn't mean something...

Favourite Actors: JOHNNY DEPP, Tim Daly, Burn Gorman, Hal Sparks, Jared Leto, Peter DeLuise, Orlando Bloom, John Barrowman, Majandra Delfino, Victor Webster, Victoria Pratt, Amaury Nolasco, Kerr Smith, Colin Farrell
Favourite Musicians: Fady Maalouf, Thomas Godoj, Nevio Passaro, Mark Medlock, Jordin Sparks, John Barrowman
Favourite Music/Bands: Take That, Mark Owen, Stephen Gately, John Barrowman, Hal Sparks, 30 Secons to Mars
Other "Fandoms": Anime/Manga, especially Shonen Ai/Yaoi and Shoujo
Hobbies: reading, writing fanfics, working with PS CS, chatting, writing RPGs, watching TV-Shows and Movies, meeting friends, cinema
Favourite colours: Blue, Pink
Family: 1half-sister, 1 stepsister, 3 stepbrothers
Pets: 3 cats
Things I love: chocolat, McDonalds, Fastfood, tv-shows, movies
Things I hate: people who are devious and lie to me! I totally hate lies!!!
Worst habbit: I'm VERY impatient and bull-headed and that's not always a good thing :P

So... if you read all/most of it and are still interested in friending me, just comment here or in the "friends only" Entry and tell my why you're interested in friending me ;-) I will edit the entry whenever there will be something new and maybe some of my friends here are also interested in some facts about me ;-)


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