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...and at the same time not so much...

A lot of people added me because I posted a Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff Fanfic here in my journal... now I'm asking myself, if I should create a "fic journal" for my fanfics... I mean, it's not that I write THIS many fanfics, especially not in english since it's not my first language and it's still a bit difficult to write english FANFICS...

I'm going to make this entry public, because I want the people who added me to know, that this is a very personal journal sometimes (and I'm going through a lot of crap in real life right now), and I also wanna explain why I haven't added any of you back...

It's because of that...

I guess most of you have added me because of my fanfic... and if that's the reason, it's fine, really, and if I ever write Adommy Fanfic again (which is most likely, so don't worry!!!) it will be public and you will see it even though I haven't added you back...

Anyways... I want to know if someone who added me wants to get to know me better and REALLY wants to be on my f-list, because in this case I would add those people back and give it a try... but if you're only here for the fanfiction, that's okay for me too ;-)

So just comment if you wanna be a part of my f-list...

I'm also thinking about doing a fanfiction "filter" for the people who are interested in my fanfics, and one for the people who also want to know "personal stuff" about me ;-) Because there is definitely a lot to come...

you can also comment, dear f-list I have now, if you wanna be "left out" of the personal filter, if I really consider making one ;-) No offense!
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