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credit for this Code goes to papersugar
I'm a tv-show junkie, VERY MUCH... and I really have a lot of Fandoms :-)
But I don't friend just like anyone... so please comment in my "Friends-Only" Entry if you want to get added!

I'M A SLASH WHORE *lol* I slash like anyone who isn't quick enough to get out of my way :P
I love the friendship between 2 men (or women) and mostly start to slash "best friends"... I'm not so much about the "Hate-Sex"
I'm a CASTING SHOW Junkie... especially German Idol :P And for "my" stars, I travel a lot :D
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Made just for me by angelsbuffy1, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* :-) Isn't it sweet? :-D


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