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Heya... =D

So I did it again... I wrote a short Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff Ficlet... I would say it's a ficlet, because it only has around 1,000 words...

Again: english isn't my first language and so this is by far not perfect, but I just was in the mood to write this and this little plot bunny just popped into my head... ;-) So yeah... I hope, you like it! Comment if you do! And feel free to friend me...

But just to say this: I won't add anyone back who's only there for the fic... they are public anyways, and since my journal is really personal, I don't want like "anyone" to be able to read this... but if some of you wanna know ME, let me know and I might add you back!

And now have fun ;-)

Title: "Revelations"
Part: One-Shot
Writer: bm_shipper
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Rating: PG-13 I would say
Word count: 1,082
Language: English
Summary: Tommy spends the first day of the new year with Adam... unexpected things get revealed
Disclaimer: I own nothing... and of course this never happened. This is just a piece of FANFICTION! Really!

Thanks to [ profile] wbaker5286 & [ profile] masnds2 for looking over the fic and helping me with a few errors =D

+++ Revelations +++


It was about six in the morning, January 1st, 2011, and Tommy was still with Adam. In Adam’s house. Alone. Everyone else had already left, and when Immerman had told Tommy that he was going to head home, Tommy had decided to stay a little longer because Adam had promised to give him a ride later. Besides, he felt way too good at the moment to even move a single millimeter. His head was pillowed on Adam’s lap while one of Adam’s hands was stroking his hair and the other was resting on Tommy’s chest, close to his heart. One of Tommy’s hands was underneath Adam’s and their fingers were tangled together. The TV was on with some movie playing, but Tommy wasn’t paying attention. He was already half asleep and felt safe and secure, like he always did when he was with Adam. With Adam he was at ease, with Adam he was so much stronger, and he felt like he could survive anything. Adam was his best friend, his soul mate, the one he trusted with his life.


“I want you to come with me to the Grammy Awards,” Adam’s voice pulled Tommy out of his thoughts so suddenly that he nearly fell off the couch.

“What?” Tommy sat straight up and stared at Adam in disbelief.


“I want you to come with me to the Grammy Awards,” Adam repeated as if it were the most normal thing in the world.


Even though Adam was sitting directly in front of him, his voice suddenly sounded kinda distant and Tommy couldn’t believe what Adam had just said. Speechless, he looked at Adam, not able to form a proper thought. Adam wanted to take him to the Grammy Awards. Him, of all people. Yeah, they were friends – best friends, even – but only best friends. Despite all the kissing and making out on stage, they’d never crossed the line when they were off stage. Not once. And now Adam wanted to take him to the Grammy Awards? This didn’t make any sense.


“What about Leila and Eber?” Tommy asked the first question that came to mind.


“What about them?” Adam replied innocently.


Tommy let out a loud sigh. “They are your parents? Shouldn’t you take them? I mean, you’ve known them your whole life, and they were always there for you, and I- I-“ Tommy rolled his eyes, annoyed by his own inability to say what he really wanted to say. Of course he felt more than honored that Adam wanted him to be by his side when he might get an award for all the effort he put into his music career, but he didn’t want to have false hope. He was so in love with Adam since… he didn’t even know when he fell for him. It had just happened and it was hard enough to contain himself when he was with Adam. He just couldn’t imagine attending the Grammy Awards with Adam without slipping and showing his true feelings.


“I’m just… someone,” he finally said, turning away because he couldn’t bear to look at Adam any longer.


“No, you’re not just someone!” Adam nearly screamed, sounding really frustrated. “Don’t you get it, Tommy?”


Surprised, Tommy looked up at Adam. “Get what?” he asked confused. His heartbeat quickened immediately.


In a desperate gesture Adam tore at his hair, letting out a sigh. “I love you, for fucks sake.”


Tommy’s mouth dropped open and he stared at Adam again. “You… you… you love me?” he stammered. “You mean like a friend?” He held his breath, clenching his fists.


“No, not as a friend,” Adam replied, blushing slightly. The longer Tommy looked at him, the redder he became until Tommy could hardly believe his eyes.


“Then… what do you mean?” Tommy asked softly. He just had to know. He had to hear it from Adam’s mouth or he wouldn’t believe it.


“I mean I’m in love with you, madly in love with you. You have no idea how hard it is to be just your friend, not to touch you like I want to touch you when you’re close to me because it would cross the line,” Adam said and bit his bottom lip nervously. “You wanna know what my New Year’s resolution was?”


Tommy nodded, still looking at him. “Sure.”


“To tell you how I feel about you. I didn’t want it to happen like that… I wanted to ask you out for dinner or something like that, have a real date with you. I’m sorry I ruined everything.” Adam lowered his head, obviously feeling kind of guilty.


“Don’t be sorry,” Tommy replied, reaching out for Adam’s face so he could touch his cheek. When Adam still wouldn’t look at him, he put two fingers under his chin and forced him to lift his head. “Adam, please look at me.” Finally Adam complied.


“It would be an honor to go to the Grammy Awards with you. If the offer still stands, that is,” Tommy said, feeling himself blush.


A gentle smile played around Adam’s lips. “Really?”


Tommy nodded. “Really.”


“Does that mean…” Once more Adam bit his bottom lip, seeming even more nervous than before. “Tommy, do you love me?” He looked directly into Tommy’s eyes and if Tommy hadn’t been sitting on the couch right then, his knees would have gone weak.


He slipped closer to Adam until their faces were only inches apart and grabbed one of Adam’s hands. “Yes. I love you, Adam. I’m in love with you.”


“Oh, Tommy, that’s…” Adam started but couldn’t go on because Tommy had already pressed his lips against Adam and pulled him into a soft kiss.


When they pulled apart, they were both smiling.


“Does this mean we’re together now?” Tommy asked innocently.


Adam shook his head laughing. “Of course we are, Baby. We’d better be.”


Tommy smiled shyly. “I hope that wasn’t a question.”


“No!” Adam replied instantly. He put a hand at the back of Tommy’s neck, pulling him closer. “I love you.”


“I love you, too,” was the last thing Tommy could say before Adam pulled him into another kiss that made Tommy forget everything else. When he was with Adam, he was complete and he never wanted to let go of this feeling ever again.


Even though 2011 had just started a few hours ago, Tommy already loved this year and he was sure, it would become his best year yet.


+++ The end +++

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